Saturday, October 14, 2006

JargonBear makes a rare public appearance

Damded Paparazzi,

A bear can't make a discrete appearance with his super hot lady friend and not be photographed these days.

Sherry baby, I'm sorry. I know ever since our tape was leaked, I promised no unannounced camera's, but honestly this time I had nothing to do with it.


for Sheryl's publicist's cover up story, click here.

Friday, October 13, 2006

This is worth the wait!

You know that feeling right after you flush the toilet and notice that the water level is rising just past that acceptable level? The one right at that point when you rip the tank cover off the toilet and slam the stopper back down in a vain attempt to save your feet from becoming surmerged in a puddle of fecal-urinal agua?
Well I imagine that's the feeling, multiplied by a gabillion, that Denis Hamel felt when he raised his head and realized he was in a world of trouble.
Honestly, this has to be the cleanest hardest hit I have ever seen in hockey.
Denis Hamel had less chance of staying off his back here than Paris Hilton in front of a night vision camera.
What's a Phaneuf anyway??