Thursday, January 25, 2007

Federer wins again!

Turns out Roger Federer owns a little bit of the old US of A. That little bit is called Andy Roddick.

You see, Thursday afternoon down in the land of sexy accents, promiscuous ladies and lazy bears, at the Australian Open, Roger Federe cruised past Andy Roddick and secured his place in the Final.

The score looked like this;

6-4, 6-0, 6-2,

I think it was Roger's three hundreth consecutive victory and Wiley Coyote's I mean Andy Roddick's nine gazillionth straight loss to the swiss man.

Roger Good, Andy Bad.....

Other things that are good;

1. Girls
2. Panthro
3. All the Thundercats for that matter
4. Transformers, namely the Autobots
5. The barbapapas. Mostly good at buliding things but still deserve to be mentioned here. (Incidentally Barbapapa's New House might be my all time favorite book)

6. Kathrine from 1987's Tv hit Beauty and the beast - Props to you if you remeber this, props or so sorry about the career Vincent.

7. Speedy Gonzalez Cartoons

Things that suck like Roddick

1. Decepticons
2. Luc et Martine books. (If you had the pleasure of attending a french school you're picking up what I'm putting down here)
3. Fido (The stupid chien from #2)
4. Mr. Gadget cartoons that I had to watch while waiting for real cartoons like Transformers and Gummie Bears
5. Gargamel and Azriel
6. Skeletor
7. Gb


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I bet you didn't think you'd see this when you went out on a limb and typed in our little web address for shats and giggles.

I also didn't think that I would ever get tired, much less offended by the sight of little miss Spears' Va-JJ. Hey things change...(hopefully next up is Kristanna Loken's sexual orientation)

Wait, scratch that. I just googled the wench and it turns out she could probably terminate the mightiest of my erections and not in the happy ending kind of way.

Speaking of Happy endings, I thought I'd return to the world of the blogger with what might be the happiest of my posts. The Hump Day Post!

This weeks hump day spotlight is shone on someone who Imdb has credited with more stage 3 Rapid eye movement happy endings than David Spade has failed sitcoms. Seriously the dude should be credited as the cancer that will eventually put any show he appears on to bed. (Hey slow guy. Rapid Eye movement, or REM, if you will, is a stage of sleep. Keep that in mind and now go re-read the last paragraph.)

Much funnier now isn't it. Yes JargonBear prides itself on it's high brow humour and by being able to spread education round the world. Now you should go host a dinner party and impress all your guests with your new knowledge.

Alas I digress. Back to Little Miss Nocturnal Emission. Now let me think. Her name seems to elude me....


I see cabinets...

I think it's a kitchen, yes. Through the kitchen and up the back stairs to the attic. Yes there she is. Becky? Is that you? Yes. Rebecca Donaldson! (I prefer to completely disregard that Becky Katsopolis part of the story line)

Seriously. Lori Laughlin was the only good reason to watch Full House. She was spectacular. 1988 was a very good year for me. I had the Olympics in my back yard, this being little more than a bragging point because I chose to stay inside and watch F.H. with adoring eyes. (You know the kind of adoring eyes you had for your first babysitter, or your first hot teacher. Coincidentally 1988 grade 3 St. Gerard's. Mme Marshall)

Honestly, not much else to say. She knocked my socks off. I must have had a thing for older women. Thankfully I have since come to my senses and got my socks back! Older women...what was I thinking? You don't shop for old cars. You want the most recent model possible... (I think she's born in '64. (A good year for Bryan Adam's) but slightly before my time) Which pretty much makes her a fossil. A fossil I will forever adore.

Miss Laughlin, welcome to the right side of the Hump Day Club.


Hey Gb, how bout a little post action. Haven't seen anything out of you in months. You're letting this blog down by not posting just about as much as our readers are letting us down by not making us any money.

Don't even get me started on you Tb. (For those of you who haven't read any of TeabagBear's material, oh wait he has yet to post)

Pick up your manties Tb.

And as an appology for not posting for a while, I leave you with a little picture I drew back in the day. (it was a wednesday)