Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Movie Review

The Departed is the best movie of the year.

You know when you're reading a good book. I mean a really good book, the kind of book that you sit down to read, and you can't help but start the next chapter, as you're dying to find out what happens next. The kind of book that even though you can sense it's getting late, you can't stop yourself from reading the next page. The kind where you suddenly arrive at last page, and realize that you should probably get up an shower as you have to leave for work in ten minutes. Well, if The Departed was a book, it would be that kind of book.

Not that that matters to you, you illiterate fool. (Wait...I don't think you're allowed to make illiterate jokes in print form.)

Honestly, it was sooooo intense. I had a couple of napkins in my hands and by the end of the movie I had clutched my fists for so long that they were little paper cubes. (I think I was subconsciously trying to make energon cubes, You know, to save the autobots)

Now, I'm not saying I've seen more movies than you, unless your name is Jon, but I've seen my fair share of movies, and can usually could pick a couple of scenes that could have been left on the cutting floor in any movie I choose to critique. (Like every scene in Crossroads other than the one where she comes out of the bathroom on prom night) But there is not a thing I would change in this movie.

I wouldn't even change the fact that somebody cast Leonardo DiCraprio in this movie. Turns out, he can actually act. I think it's the first time I've watched him in a movie and not wanted to toss a junior mint through his face on screen. (I think I actually did when he tried to pull of that tardy kid in Gilbert Grape)

Anyway. The movie was stellar, go check it out.


If you're name is Jon, I've seen more movies than one.