Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So, I think I have about eight thousand hockey cards at home. Eight thousand hockey cards of the budget variety. You see, my parents would never let me buy the upper deck cards because they were a couple dollars more expensive, and justifiably so, because they were much higher quality.

The conundrum begins because I have this obscene amount of hockey cards, worth next to nothing, because they’re the ghetto brand, yet, I still hang on to them, hoping that some day they will once again become valuable.

I’ve had this mentality with many things in my life, and to date have been burned 986,213 times. (for anyone who cares, satan’s batting 100% on this one, as I have yet to have my faith rewarded)


And let me tell you, all is forgiven.

I don’t care what you say, my continued faith and dedication to Little miss Brit has paid off. I knew someday she would be back.

Even if the numbers still look skewed, 986,213 to 1, I feel vindicated, as this might actually be the most important battle. It’s kind of like the Mongols. They won something like 8 trillion straight battles, but they lost the last one, the most important one and where are they now?

I’m pretty much giddy.

Britney Spears is;

A) hot again
B) Lost a lot of weight (Mostly of the crappy rapper variety)
C) Still not returning my calls.

Man it’s a good day!


If you follow only one link today, make it the Lost a lot of weight one above. It's where you'll learn from TMZ that Britney is finally divorcing that trash bucket parasite. Only comfort for Kfed, he could probably make a pretty good mattress out of all the bags of throw up he's recieved and stashed in his closet hoping that someday they'd be worth something!


Anonymous said...

i have officially switched to wwtdd now because of the poor updating and lack of enthusiasm from the posters....come on...boooo.
I can't believe people read this poo...haha

Anonymous said...

Post again you losers!


The new (but much better looking) Carlos